Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word “Marketology” mean?
Marketology “Marketing Science”
Market (/'m?r k?t/)
Marketing is an integrated communications-based process through which individuals and communities discover that existing and newly-identified needs and wants may be satisfied by the products and services of others.
Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

-ology (/'?l ? d?i/)
It is a suffix in English, found in words originally adapted from Greek words ending in -????a (-logia). The earliest English examples were Anglicization of the French -logie, which was in turn inherited from the Latin -logia.
It has two main senses in English: a combining form used in the names of sciences or bodies of knowledge (e.g. theology or sociology)

Why Should I choose Marketology?
  • Because all your needs are focused, we dedicate one team managed by one account manager to give your business one theme.
  • Because our team is business skilled, we always provide the missing part to your business.
  • Because we understand your business needs, we analyze market to make your business reach out to others by making the usual unusual.
  • Because our team is creative, we let you touch audience simply by obtaining a something they’ve always known it in a new way.
  • Because we love what we do, so your business needs are our joy, passion and care.
  • Because we partner with our clients, we understand our clients’ needs and goals, so we always exceed expectation.
  • Because Marketology creative team provides a variety of business solutions take your business beyond success.
How was the start?

When we started, the most we cared about was how to focus all business solutions in one agency. We thought about others and how those agencies are focusing on media and printing while other agencies are mainly caring about marketing plans and researches, also those who are specialized in web development and others specialized in event planning and how is it hard for any business to find all its needs in one place, which was the spark inspired us.

What makes Marketology special?

Because Marketology is a fully integrated agency providing all the required services under one umbrella, including Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations & Digital solutions.

How Long Have You Been In Market?

Marketology is rapidly expanding in the American & Egyptian markets since 2007 and now covering North America, Middle East & North Africa.

Do all your services executed in-house?

80% of the provided services are all in-house. Such as, Marketing Plans, Strategies, SEO, PPC, Artwork, Web & Applications Development and much more. The other 20% are executed based on special deals with our respectful partners such as Media Buying, Outdoors and some others, using NO freelancers at all, to make sure we meet all the professional requirements in every single project.

Do you have experiences in all the services & solutions you sell?

Yes we do, and thanks to our experienced professional team who knows how it works. Our team always in stand-by mode, studying, enhancing, obtaining & adapting to all the new market requirements.

Why Marketology Events Solutions?

We offer exciting, prestigious, and memorable experiences for guests.
We ensure Excellent brand-building and income generating opportunities for host clients.
We guarantee superb sponsorship and target marketing opportunities for sponsoring brands.
We promise Beneficial good-will and reputation enhancement for hosting communities.
We provide prestigious work opportunities for event staff and volunteers.

Why SMS AD’s?

SMS advertising is time-based.
SMS advertising is cost effective.
Ideal for all age groups.
SMS is instant as most messages are read as soon as they are received.

Why Marketology SMS?

For businesses and ad agencies the biggest issue is how to get such exhaustive database of people, which is latest & sending SMS to them, is not SPAM. We offer a database of millions of subscribers, who are willing to receive & act upon your ads. What else can be better than that?

Why Outdoor Signage Advertising?
  • Outdoor Advertising is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year which generates repeated exposure to your potential customers.
  • Outdoor Advertising captures your consumers on their way to the buy.
  • Outdoor Advertising is perfect for reaching mass audiences and is also great for targeting specific groups and ages.
  • In terms of getting the best exposure for your advertising dollar, Outdoor Advertising is second to none.
  • With the new digital billboards and technologies, Outdoor Advertising is only getting better!
Why Promotional Items & Giveaways?
  • They provide extended brand exposure.
  • They're valuable.
  • Promotional items aren't likely to get tossed because they are more like gifts than advertisements.
  • They present a creative marketing spin.
  • They're inexpensive.

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